Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

 First line of defense against burglary is at your front door or gate. If you can foil burglars at that point with high quality pick proof locks, interlocking plates, kick plates and many other security products  they will search for easier prey. Avoid the terrible feeling, hassle and big lost of the things you care the most! Call Key Man Locksmith to guide you with better security solutions for your home doors, windows and entrance gates.

Residential Locksmith Services

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Decorative hardware

Burglary Repairs / break in repairs

High security locks installations

Padlocks available keyed to most house keys

Digital Locks – reprogramming/ repaired/ installed

Door & Window Locks – repaired/ picked/ installed

Door Installations – hanging/ fixtures

Commercial Hardware, deadbolt & lockset installed

Antique locks – serviced and repaired

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